Your Problem

Having a website is a must in today’s marketplace, but having one seems futile if it can't be found on search engines. In order to reap the full rewards that a good website has to offer, it is important to put certain tools in place to maximize the amount of traffic being sent to your site. Search engines like google continue to change the way they rank sites on their results pages, which makes it increasingly difficult to stay on top. A strictly key word focused approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is now just not enough. The way you organize and format your website and online presence is now equally as important in increasing your page rank on a search page. 

Our Solution

By adopting search engine optimization as a marketing technique through The Juice Internet Marketing, your company can ensure that your website is no longer buried deep within the search engine (ex. the 3rd or 4th page), with minimal views, but instead will appear with a much higher, and more desirable google ranking. And we will ensure that your site is ranking for Keyword search queries that come from the right people - your customers. 

Targeting and Retargeting SEO

The value of keywords fluctuate with months and seasons, so the keywords you target should too. SEO is not just about acquiring visitors, its about finding the right visitors who will become customers, so the SEO tactics may work for google placement, but not for conversions and thats why it is important to monitor and recalibrate your approach sometimes. These are all SEO functions that take time and experience to implement properly, experience that we have.

Link Management

Internal links and external links are one of the pieces of information that search engines use to determine how important and reputable pages are. We will manage your site to ensure the links follow best practices, well as source external links - often referred to as backlinks - which will help to increase your site's reputability in the eyes of search engines and therefore increasing your search rank.

Content Services

It is a solid rule that content is king when it comes to SEO, and maybe your existing web-copy is not optimized for the SEO goals you have, or you may simply not have enough of it. We understand that most people don't enjoy writing content, and that is why we will have the necessary content written for you. We work with professional writers who know how to match your existing style and portray the right message, all while keeping the SEO goals inline.