Making the Juice Worth the Squeeze

Graphic Design


Your Situation

Every point of interaction between you and your customers is an opportunity for greatness. Whether the interaction is them driving by your sign on the highway, visiting your website, or reading your menu, it is an touchpoint of your brand. Every brand touchpoint should be crafted to deliver the best experience possible, because the sum of these experiences is what becomes your brand, in the customer's mind. You want to make sure customers see your brand in a positive light, and we can help.

Marketing Collateral Design 

Whether you are starting a new venture and need a logo, or a well established restaurant needing a menu refresh, The Juice Internet Marketing has your solution. Our graphic design staff is experienced in everything from business cards, to catalogs and packaging design, we have the expertise give your project the zest it needs. We understand that branding is more than just a logo, a slogan, or a color scheme, and we do everything we can to fully understand your company branding to ensure we can properly reflect that in your design projects. 

Top companies are leading with design. Other [companies] that aren’t willing to invest in design because they think it can’t be measured, or tied to ROI will fall behind. Business as usual is no longer good enough. Mature industries that have [traditionally] focused [operations] on [producing] more, better, faster, now need to adjust their thinking to include design as a key value differentiator.

John Maeda, design partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you want to make sure those words are the words you actually want to say. This is why stock photography can only get you so far. The Juice Internet Marketing can professionally take and edit photos that will make your marketing materials shine. Everything from food photography to spice up your menu, to product images for a catalog, and even personnel photography. 

The Juice Internet Marketing also has the capability to capture photospheric images as well. photospheric photography is a form of photography that results in a full 360° by 360° panoramic image. This is the style of photography used by Google Street View. A photospheric image is an image that gives the viewer an immersive feeling as though they are actually on location where the photo was taken.